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Rates1 Month40503025
3 Months1101408065
6 Months195240140110
1 Year320350*220170
AddressAdailiya, BL4, Abdulkarim Al-Qurtas St.Jabriya, BL1A, ST1, #201Mangaf, BL3, ST9, Fahaheel ClubReggae, BL15, Next to Kaboria

*Promotional Rate – Originally KD440


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9 thoughts on “Oxygen Gym

  1. i wanted to join this Gym in kuwait.. ani,i wanted to know how much does this gym cost monthly/yearly. plese provide me certain detail of where it is also..

  2. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    تحية طيبة وبعد
    أرجو قبول تحياتي بفائق الحب واحترام
    معكم احمد عامر من كندا تورونتو
    تابعت نادي اوكسجين وبتأكيد ابطال معهد اوكسجين والحقيقة شيء جميل ويفتخر به كما اريد إيصال سلام خاص للكابتن احمد اشكناني والكابتن رضا القبندي راجيا من الله في احد ايّام ان التقي بهم و احصل على شرف بالتدريب على أيديهم
    والسلام ختام

  3. I’m a blind athlete who plays for the Kuwaity international goalball team. I tried to subscribe to this gym but they refused me just because I’m blind. This gym sucks for blind discrimination.

  4. My son is willing to come here for the training. He is just 15 years old and would love to join in 18 month’s time.
    I am worried about his accommodation and food etc. He also needs a Doctor and Trainer. Who will explain the whole cost of these and also other queries.

  5. Good morning
    I write from Spain we are a travel agency that we have 8 cuatrimestre who will travel to Kuwait in December and want to train in their gym Jabriya 3-4 days that will last your stay there. This
    could be? Can you send me the prices per day? What would they need?
    Thank you Very much and best regards

    Siul Serrano Mrs.
    VÍA Viajes

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